TRAVEL-K-HOTELS is a unique website offering on-the-fly customized travel solutions to customers. This includes the ability to design holiday packages, book any hotel online, activities, treks and transfers for destinations all over the world. The website through its unique user experience allows the customer to choose from hundreds of curated itineraries, hotels, and activities created by experts for multiple destinations and further personalize it according to one’s preferences, along with competitive online flight booking facility as well.

We have delivered curated itineraries and hotel experiences to multiple travelers through our customizable & transparent platform, and have been a high volume partner to hotels across various ratings. Our hotel partners have been an integral part of our deliveries to the end customer. While we boast of highly rated customer experiences along with high volume retaintion through the platform, we clearly have established a gap to up the game in customer satisfaction & professional deliveries, with huge self created consumption & demand, sometimes as high as 300 rooms occupied by our customers across budget to highest category hotels in one city.

Hence, the foray into Travel-k-hotels which will deliver an end to end seamless experience to our loyal customer base. Given our core philosophy to deliver professional & holistic “travel experiences”, we would like to enhance our repeat customer ratings to the next level.


Travel-k-hotels and would be in operation and integrated into our seamless technology chain by next season for these destinations.




Let’s live better when we Travel !




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